Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stepping out of the Normal Color Scheme

Normally, I'm making baby blankets or other gifts for ladies and babies. Rarely do I step away from the pinks and blues and pastel colored yarn. That all changed when I was asked to make a blanket for a friend. This particular request was for a blanket for a man. She wanted me to make a blanket using Miami football colors.

The first challenge was to find nice yarn in non-traditional colors. Orange and teal aren't colors I normally purchase, nor see. Once I purchased the yarn that wold best fit needs, the next challenge was to find a design or pattern that was "manly." Since I am not able to read patterns, I have to make up my designs as I go.

 In the end, I think this blanket turned out pretty darn good.I used a combination of many stitches and patterns. I even changed up the way I normally stitch the pointed stitches, so it looked a little less like a granny square. It's not shown in this picture, but my measurements were a little short, so I had to add onto either end of the blanket. I made a smaller patter of the colors on either end to lengthen it an extra foot.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Scarves , scarves and more scarves.

I have been so busy! I have a couple of craft fairs coming up and I need some stock to sale. I've been working on scarves. One of the craft fairs is at a city function, so I've been focusing on making scarves with the school's colors. For a change of pace, I decided to blend a couple of different strands of yarn and use a "Q" hook. Considering I generally work with hooks ranging from "E" to "H," the "Q" size is ginormous!

The scarves in these pictures will be headed to new homes, soon. If you would like one, please let me know. I'm also taking orders. If I can find the yarn, I'll make it.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Blanket fit for a King

I finally finished the blanket for my king size bed. I'm glad I decided to go with the granny squares, because I never would have been able to flip this blanket on my lap. Also, it surprisingly didn't take nearly as long I thought it would. Maybe it helped to work on it on our way to Kentucky. Nothing like a total of ten hours, confined in a car, to get some crocheting done.

I love how it turned out. The only drawback: the blanket is a beast. It is SO heavy! I had no idea it would weigh so much, when it was complete.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Squares, Squares and More Squares

My wonderful husband thought it would be simply brilliant if I made a blanket for a King size bed. Me being mostly crazy, took on the challenge! I've made a blanket for a queen size bed, so I figured how bad can it be to make a King size blanket. Silly, silly me.

At first, I decided this was not a blanket which could be made in rows. It had to be made of smaller pieces, which I could sew together. yes, another brilliant idea. I sat down and figured out how big the blanket needed to be, according to a King comforter. Then, I had to figure out how much yarn I needed. Considering, i never use a pattern, this was like grabbing air from a jar.

This is how the story begins. It all started with squares. As I type this, I still need 16 squares. Not bad, considering I started out needing 143 squares! Here's what I have so far.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blankets Available for Adoption

Here are the blankets I currently have available for adoption. I will accept requests for blankets, beanies, and scarves. If you need your item shipped, I will ship for free. (Measurements are approximate.)

 Pink/Brown/White: 35"x35"  Adoption price: $50.00

Pink/Brown/White Granny Square: 25"x25"  Adoption price: $40.00

Lavender & White Granny Square:

Lavender/Green/White Granny Square: 26"x26" Adoption Price: $40.00

Teal/Lavender/White Granny Square: 28"x28" Adoption price: $40.00

Lavender/Pastel/White Granny Square:  30"x30" Adoption price: $45.00


 Pastel Granny Square: 30"x30"  Adoption Price: $45.00

Lavender/Mint: 28"x37" Adoption price: $40.00

 Lavender/Multi/White: 29"x36" Adoption price: $50.00

 Lavender/Multi/White  II: 28"x 37": Adoption price: $50.00

 Pink/Rose/Mint Green: 32"x34" Adoption Price: $45.00

Baby Blue/White: 29"x27"  Adoption price: $40.00

Baby Blue Granny Square: 26"x26"  Adoption price: $40.00

Various Greens: 41"x48"  Adoption price: $60.00

Green/Multi: 41"x48" Adoption price: $58.00

Multi Bright: 43"x50" Adoption price $58.00

 Multi-Stripes: 43"x50" $58.00

Busy, busy, busy!

Hello! I have been so busy making new things, I haven't had a moment to post them. I also neglected to take pictures of the new items, before I gave them to their new owners. I made two blankets with the basket weave stitch and gave them to a friend. His wife is expecting twins! I am so excited for them.

I have also acquired a new bed and my husband thought it would be a great if I made a new blanket for it. It's a king size bed! I'm currently creating 143 Granny Squares, which I will have to stitch together. I was going to attempt to make the blanket with rows, just to avoid having to piece everything together, but I later decided, that size blanket would get pretty tough to turn on my lap! Here's what I have so far.

My cousin is expecting her first child in a few months and I made a blanket with a matching beanie. The beanie was fun to make. Now I just want to make beanies, because hey are such a fun project!
I gifted a few more blankets, but as I said, I neglected to snap a picture. Silly, silly me. Hopefully, I can post pictures of the blankets with their new babies!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Blanket for Strider


 My friend, Emma, recently adopted a new puppy. He's a smooth Collie and he's just as cute as ever! I made this blanket for the new puppy, Strider. Strider's show lead is hunter green and the multicolor yarn reminded me of  Strider's coat. I hope he stays nice & warm!